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The Traffic Marking Manufacturers Alliance (TMMA) was formed by a coalition of global companies operating in the traffic marking manufacturing industry. TMMA’s mission is to help improve roadway safety significantly for all road users. TMMA and its industry partners are committed to utilizing sustainable safety materials and pioneering pavement markings to fulfill the present and future requirements of all road users across the globe. TMMA members also promote and expedite the advancement of new automotive safety technologies.

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roadway safetyA brief history of TMMA

In 2014, a group of automotive industry engineers were beginning to publicly declare that one day pavement markings and other lifesaving traffic control devices would no longer be necessary on roadways in the U.S. and abroad. Those engineers believed significant advancements in global mapping and constantly evolving safety and navigation advancements in motor vehicles would take their place. With this concern in mind, a group of pavement marking material manufacturers contacted representatives of Mercer Strategic Alliance and soon formed a Marking Materials Coalition to tackle the challenge head-on. The small coalition of four concerned pavement marking companies soon rose to seven. 

Through the diligent work of the MMC, auto industry leaders were soon collaborating with key industry trade associations in both Europe and the U.S. Challenges involving computer vision technologies were discussed, road marking policy changes were proposed and new national standards were adopted including the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices policy recommendation that 6-inch wide lines become the new U.S. standard on high-speed roadways along with dotted-edgelines at all exit and entrance ramps.  

In February 2022, the MMC leadership council reviewed whether the coalition should evolve into a full-fledged industry trade association focused on maximizing the technology benefits from vehicle automation technologies that improve the industry and enhance roadway safety for all motorists. 

Just two months later, the MMC’s futures committee met in Manchester, N.H. and formally adopted a recommendation that Mercer Strategic Alliance develop association bylaws. On March 28, 2023, the founding board members of TMMA met in Washington, D.C. to officially create their new global alliance under the direction of Chairman Kevin Goforth of Potters Industries and Vice Chairman Harald Mosböck of Swarco. 

Today, TMMA members include roadway safety experts with decades of global policy, regulatory, research, communications and legislative experience. Each TMMA member remains focused on maximizing the value of road markings to protect motorists and to meet the challenges of supporting computer vision lane support and automated driving technologies.

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