What is the Traffic Marking Manufacturers Association?

The Traffic Marking Manufacturers Association is a not-for-profit global trade association whose full member companies manufacture pavement marking material and equipment.

Why was TMMA formed?

TMMA was formed to represent global road marking material and equipment manufacturers. Their goal is to address industry disruption from computer vision and automated vehicle technologies, advance marking’s role in improving vulnerable road user safety, develop and promote sustainable industry practices, and ensure industry integrity and competitiveness through improved education and enhanced enforcement of material installation standards and specifications.

What are the criteria for TMMA full membership?

A TMMA full member company must achieve annual revenue from the manufacture of pavement marking materials, components or epoxies, or pavement marking installation, monitoring, or field-test equipment or components, or pavement marking removal equipment or components in excess of $15 million (USD) or $7.5 million (USD) and have qualifying activities exceed 50% of total corporate sales revenue.  

Does TMMA have membership categories other than full member?

Yes. TMMA has contractor and associate member categories. In order to qualify as a contractor member, a company’s annual revenue derived from the installation of road marking, colored lane, and binder-based road safety materials must exceed $15 million (USD). To qualify as an associate member, a company must provide material testing lab services, or conduct transportation research for public agencies or private-sector companies or provide crowdsource road safety and asset data and analytics services to public agencies or private companies.

How do I learn more about joining TMMA?

If you would like to know more about joining TMMA, please email TMMA President Robert Dingess at rdingess@safemarkings.com.

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